New AC Type Head Design
A new SpirafixTM anchor head design has been introduced where a collar has been inserted between the head and the body of the anchor. This is similar in concept to the C type anchor that has no thread in the head and is designed to be driven through slots in the brackets or plates being anchored. However, this new design has a threaded head and it replaces the old A type design that is no longer in production. It has a suffix code AC. The collar has been trimmed down in size to prevent damage from misdirected hammer blows and is produced from thicker plate. This now means that there is a driving surface other than the top of the anchor head which can now be used to deploy the anchors. This is useful for applications where repeated installations are needed. The C and AC types will both continue to be produced in the short term, but the C type may ceased to be produced in future to reduce the number of stock items held.     

Larger SpirafixTM Anchors
A new bar twisting rig is being made to allow larger bar sections to be twisted. Presently the maximum rectangular bar size that can be processed is 50mm x 8mm. However, the new rig has eight times the torque output and bar sizes of 60mm x 10mm and 70mm x 12mm will be able to be processed. Lengths of 1.9metres for Nitrotec® surface treated anchors and larger for either powder coated or galvanised anchors will be manufactured. The new rig is being manufactured at Warren Services in Thetford and they will be responsible for taking over the manufacture of the complete SpirafixTM range of products from early 2013.

Power Tools
We’ve done some work on using power tools to install our anchors. Most breaker hammers can be used along with impact drills and post drivers. Please see our Power Tools page for further details.

To Come
We are working on a means to quickly determine the load capability of anchors directly on site. The plan is to use the tried method of a four vane paddle driven into the ground and then using a torque wrench to turn it and measuring the torque. The readings for various soil conditions will be posted on our load chart and this will enable a direct correlation to be made between the anchor sizes and predicted pull out load values specifically for that site. Higher strength steel will be used next year for all the anchors. We also intend to use a different shape of bar profile that will increase the bending strength across the narrow plane of the anchor and will also result in lower forces needed to install the anchors.

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